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Coronavirus: 10 Tips to Maintain a Safe Workplace in the Face of an Outbreak.

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spreading rapidly across the globe and throughout the United States. Accordingly, employers should keep track of rapidly emerging developments and consider taking the 10 steps discussed below in order to maintain a safe workplace and to reassure their employees that management is appropriately monitoring and responding to the situation.  1. Educate Your Workforce and Communicate Regularly with Employees Employers should communicate openly and often with the workforce so that…

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Welcome to Dunya Properties LLC

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company Dunya Properties LLC as the new Property Management provider for the leased premises. As part of the premises’ acquisition deal with Fields Investments dated March 18, 2020, please be advised that your current lease and payment terms will remain the same and in full force. However, all payments, maintenance requests, and correspondence shall be communicated utilizing the tenant web portal listed below. If you…

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