Welcome to Dunya Properties LLC

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company Dunya Properties LLC as the new Property Management provider for the leased premises. As part of the premises’ acquisition deal with Fields Investments dated March 18, 2020, please be advised that your current lease and payment terms will remain the same and in full force.

However, all payments, maintenance requests, and correspondence shall be communicated utilizing the tenant web portal listed below.

If you currently use an automatic draft, ACH, deposit or electronic payment for your lease payment, please contact your financial institution immediately and take the necessary steps to transfer the automated payments.

We look forward to providing you with exceptional management, including prompt maintenance service, as well as maintaining a safe and attractive environment to work and build your business. Dunya properties will surely start making improvements to the property and will keep our tenants informed and be as clear and concise with our communication.

Dunya Properties Web Portal

The web portal is designed to better serve you. You can access it through your laptop, desktop, and mobile device. You or your organization will be able to access the below information on the web portal:

  • Submitting property maintenance concerns.
  • Property Rules & Regulations.
  • Property news.
  • Submitting Insurance.
  • Payment Portal ACH.

How to Access the Portal?

Please contact the premise’s new management in order for you to be assigned with new login credentials, then just simply log onto and at the top of the navigation bar, you will see Tenant Login. You will then be asked for your password. Please type it in and you will enter the portal.